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Pure Beauty

On the 5th of July 2016 my gorgeous younger sister shaved her hair off for cancer.

When Georgia first told me about her plans and explained why she had decided to do this I was very surprised. She discovered eight year old Grace via a Facebook page. Georgia thought she would rather raise money for a specific family rather then just the organisation.

I have always admired girls who have participated in 'Share for a Cure' but have always said to myself I would never be able partake. I have always struggled to love my hair, but live without it? Never.We take so much pride with the way we look and what is seen to be the norm. Personally I have never considered cutting my hair shorter then my shoulders, always thought it would look terrible.

One of my biggest concerns for Geo was that school formal season was just round the corner, what was she going to do with no hair. I was worried that Geo would look 'weird' How very wrong I was. She looked amazing, pure beauty. No makeup, no hair, just her school uniform.

I truly admire Georgia for doing something so selfless. She is an inspiration to everyone. Not a care in the world as to what other people think. More of us could benefit by having the same thought.

Here are some gorgeous images of her before the St Andrews formal. I think Georgia's short hair completed her look for this formal. She looked striking.

Credit to Rebekah Johnstone for shaving Georgias head, as well as her amazing blonde colouring. She is an amazing hair dresser - you can find her at Do or Dye in Merivale

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